CITES Documentation Procedure Guidelines for Export of Plants and Animals Species

A. Procedure for issuance of CITES Permit (Export/Import Trade and Research)

  • Applicant should submit application letter Address to Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja. Attention: Director of Forestry.
  • Indicating Animal and Plant Species to Exported or Imported or to Conduct Research on.
  • Issuance of Permit will be determined based on the listing in the CITES Appendices.
  • State of Origin of Species should be stated or Provided.

B. Required Documents for the issuance of CITES Export/Import Permit for Commercial Trade in CITES Appendices.

  • Letter of Support from Federal Department of Forestry for Wood products.
  • Duly Completed CITES Application Form.
  • Evidence of Pre-shipment grading/inspection documents.
  • Pre-bill of lading before shipment indicating the comprehensive information about the shipment content.
  • Evidence of payment to Government Account with receipts obtained from the Federal Ministry of Environment (Department of Finance and Account).
  • Evidence of contribution to reforestation where the wood is obtained.